Corporate Yoga & Fitness


If you are thinking about organizing a corporate yoga class in JB for your company, we will be happy to be of assistance!


Investing in employee wellness has been shown to have a huge return on investment, from reduced health care costs, increased job satisfaction and morale, and greater productivity, according to the Harvard Business Review.


Corporate Yoga is a yoga program set up in the workplace, usually onsite or sometimes off site. It does not necessarily refer to a specific style of yoga; however the classes can be focus on postures that can be preformed in one’s office or desk. Corporate Yoga programs may also be designed around specific goals such as stress reduction, or fostering teamwork. The style of yoga and program will vary depend on the teacher.




不论是活动包场、亲子家庭日、还是专业的企业內训( Team Building ) 团队建立课程,都可以透过 Infinity 运动体验有效凝聚员工向心力、认同感。欢迎企业单位联络我们洽询。