Scoliosis (Yoga, Pilates & Barre) Management Program

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is defined as a lateral curve of the spine with a rotational component. With scoliosis, the spine forms an “S” (or “C”) curve and rotates at the same time. The ribs, connected to the spine and move with the spine, follow both this lateral and rotational movement of the spine. The ribs and intercostal muscles between the ribs move sideways, spread apart and rotate backwards with the spine.


On the opposite side of the curve, the intercostal muscles are underdeveloped and the ribs are compressed. Because of the rotation of the spine, the ribs are pushed forward forming a flat back, (this is called the concave side of the back). As a result, there is postural misalignment: the ribs are rotated, the shoulders can be at different heights with one shoulder blade more prominent than the other, and one hip may be higher than the other, resulting in an uneven waist. The head is sometimes not centered directly above the pelvis and the entire body can be leaning to one side.


The most obvious symptoms of scoliosis are cosmetic, yet pain and discomfort are also common. In extreme cases, there can be cardiopulmonary complications. When the body balanced and aligned with gravity, yoga & pilates posture will be almost effortless.  This program lead a scoliosis body to feel what “balanced” is, through the following, you will learn that you can have a curved spine and still be balanced and graceful.









Scoliosis Management Program ꚙ 脊椎侧弯运动管理课程

一对一 瑜伽、普拉提 & Barre 系统教学

Private Session with Yoga, Pilates & Barre training

  • Single 单次 / Trial Class 试课 – RM250
  • Live Stream 线上一对一教学:50mins @5 Classes – Course RM800 (valid for 2 months)
  • Studio 一对一实体课程:

                    45mins @3 Classes – Course RM600 (valid for 1 month, including 1 Back Adjustment 包括1次背部调整) 

                    45mins @10 Classes – Course RM1,800 (valid for 3 months, including 2 Back Adjustment 包括2次背部调整) 

  • Registration Fee, RM50 (Studio only)